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First Name:


Middle Name or Initial:

M (Michael)

Last Name:



UPS Store, 836 S Arlington Hts. Rd., Box # 191 *


Elk Grove Villiage, IL 60007


Can be located online

Birth Year

1978 *

Age as of 2016:

38 *

Relatives in Home:

Unknown TBD


* Address Note: All other addresses located online for Frank Lamark were fraudulent (non-existent, intersections or randomly chosen addresses etc.). I recommend you view those addresses (when located online) via Google Maps to confirm for yourself. Many Roselle Illinois references popped up with a pointer directly to a specific house on W. Pine in Roselle. Also, the Frank Lamark UPS addresses I located online contained the term "Suite 191" instead of "PMB 191" or "#191". PMB means private mail box. Per the USPS regulations (scroll down to 1.8.2e) for a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) like the UPS Store he's using... it's a federal requirement for the box owner to use "PMB" or "#" to alert consumers that it's a mail box. Apparently with past online scams people would use "Suite" to hide the fact that it's just a mail drop and not an actual physical business address. The Cabinets Direct RTA web site recently had a "30% Off Special" with a requirement to send a "check or money order" so I assume he's receiving them and I also assume the USPS regulation mentioned above isn't being enforced by the USPS.


* Birth Year & Age Note: Depending on where you looked, the birth year and age varied slightly. The above information is based on the Frank Lamark arrest report and/or Naperville Police story and other online data. You can access that link and more via the Frank Lamark investigative resource links page.


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