Reverse look-up searches such as phone, zip code, area code and county searches.

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Reverse People Lookup, and Reverse People Search.   Revers phone, reverse cell phone, zip codes and area codes searches.

Locate people by reverse lookup. If you know their phone number, cell number, pay phone number, post office, web address, zip code, IP address then you can do a free reverse lookup on them to find out more. Especially useful if you see a number on your caller ID you don't recognize, or locate what county a person lives in from their known city and state plus more.

  Reverse Phone Detective
Locate the city and state where a phone call originated from, and whether it was a cell phone or landline phone. This information is free as long as you only want the free basic information. If you want a detailed report of the owner name and address, household members, any other people search results plus more they have a small fee.

  Reverse Cell Phone and Land Line Lookup
Find out where the phone call originated from by city, state and zip code. Completely free as long as you only want the free basic information, paid if you want a detailed report.

  Any Who - Free Reverse Phone Lookup
A popular online free reverse phone lookup. Enter the phone number that you want to research, hit enter and then check out your results.

  800 Notes
If you ever received a call but the caller did not leave a message and your caller ID said "unavailable" you can go here and find out who called you. A central database for people to input what they know... so you can know too.

  Area Code Locator Map
If you want to find out what area code a call originated from, or if you have the area code and want to find out where it originated from you can do that easily here.

  Reverse County Lookup
If you know the city and state of someone then you can easily find out what county they live in. This is useful if you're trying to locate property tax information about them for instance.

  1-800 Look Up
A free database of 1-800 numbers, very simple interface, fast and easy to use.

  Area Code Look Up
A large listing of United States and Canadian zip codes. You can scroll to the area code you're researching and then locate the city and state of you can use their search function.

  US Post Office Lookup
Enter the know zip code and hit enter. You'll receive the address of the post office, phone number plus the same for the 10 nearest post offices too.

  Canadian Post Office Lookup
Enter the postal code and receive the address of the post office or input the address and get the location of the nearest post offices.

  Mail Drop Lookup
Sometimes postal scams will use a mail drop although legitimate companies also use mail drops for the convenience. This site will allow you to input an address and at least find out if the address is a mail drop location.

  Phone Validator Lookup
If you don't know whether that number on your caller ID is a cell phone or a land line you can check it here. It'll also let you know from what city the call took place from if that information is available.

  Reverse Pay Phone Lookup 
Their extensive database contains over 500,000 unlisted payphone numbers available for you to search through via their simple form.

  Reverse Do Not Call List Lookup
Find out if your phone number (or some other number) is listed in the national do not call registry. If it isn't yet listed and you'd like it to be listed you can easily
add your telephone number to the do not call list.

  Birthday and Age Lookup 
Their extensive birthday database will allow you to "confirm" an age if that person has been put in the database by someone else earlier.

  Social media or social network web sites are a hot item these days, you might already belong to one or more already. You can complete reverse look-up searches at many of these social media sites and we've listed some of the more popular ones here that have actual reverse look-up pages available to you:

  Social Search Wiki

  Spokeo Social Compiler

  Facebook Find Friends

  Search My Space

  Twitter Search

  Plaxo Pulse

  Naymz Professionals

  Linked In Search



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