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Free People Search, People Finders and People Locators - Find People Now.   People search resource and other web sites listings.

The people search engines, people directories, and databases below were designed specifically to locate people online. Some of the web sites we've listed for you here are obvious but work very well (Spokeo), others are people search engines, and still others are large membership sites or database resources that you can freely research. A note about free Social Security Number (SSN) searches being touted out there on the Internet. That information is not available to the general public and it is not free so be careful. 

Free people search on Spokeo and try out the Free Spokeo Trial  Spokeo People Search  New people search resource link - Spokeo.
Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes vast quantities of white-pages listings, social information, and other people-related data from a large variety of public sources. Their mission is to help people find and connect with others, more easily than ever. The public data is presented almost instantly in an integrated, coherent, and easy-to-follow format. We really like this one!
We recommend you try out the Spokeo free trail to get a feel for the massive amount of information you can get on people. We did and it was very (very) interesting, have fun there. Note: there is also a Spokeo Canada site out there online.

Free people search on People Finders  People Finders  New people search resource link - People Finders.
Free as long as you're OK with locating the city they're located in plus their age and family members that are living in the same household and in the surrounding area. Once you locate their city, you can then locate the county (new window) they live in, then go to our
reverse free public records lookup area, choose the state, scroll to the bottom of the state page and research the county tax assessor information to locate their address. The interface on this one is simple and easy to use.

Free people search backgrond checks  Background Checks   New people search resource link - The White Pages
Partial information is given in the free version such as age of person you're searching for, last know cities or locations lived in and known relatives which is good if you want to use those names to research social networks such as Facegook, Google+, Twitter etc.

Facebook Free People Search  Facebook People Search
You might already know about this particular free people search located at Facebook, millions already do. Find people using people search and sign up to connect with them, see their full profiles, share photos and more. You can search for someone you know, or easily browse the alphabetical Facebook directory by the letter of their name. It's simple and to the point, no bells and whistles.

Locate lost loves, old frinds, college buddies or military freinds at People Finders  People Finders
Detailed information on people's backgrounds such as: National criminal background check, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, family members and neighbors, property Records, bankruptcies and more. Free information includes age, city and state located, and known relatives living in the household. Generally this information will narrow down the person you're looking for however for the really detailed information there's a fee.

Find family members through Generations Ancestry  Generations Ancestry
The largest online resource site we could locate related to locating people, ancestors, genealogy information, vital records and family information. Some of it requires payment so it'll take some poking around for the free information and databases. Many other areas of the site will assist you in locating people, family and friends.

locate people at teh People Search page - this site has a premium plan.  People Search
Complete a free general USA search and then view results by city, or start your search by inputting the known city of the person you want to locate. Your free results include the city they live in, other people living in the household (generally a spouse) and others in the same city with the same last name.
Premium information (phone and address details) are available as an option, you can also complete additional research through our reverse lookup search or Google Glasses sections.

Locate lost property at the people search property listings  People Search Property Check
There is a place in every city where property information is maintained and is available to the public. But it is usually an inconvenient, and most likely time-consuming, way of getting this kind of information. To find a person's property report simply enter a first and last name. However, if it is a common name, please narrow down your search by adding a city and state. You can use different variations of a first name. On a search results page, you can narrow down your results even further by defining an age range.



  One Great Family
This is genealogy site and is limited in that you can locate how many people with a certain last name born during a certain century, however for the details it requires a minimum of a "7 day trial" sign up in order to access the actual names and locations etc. of the people you are searching for.

  Reunion - Free Family and People Database
They have a large database of families and people. Free to become a member and then search for family, friends, long lost loves and really anyone else.

Free people search on the White Pages  The White Pages  
A nice stop for people searches. This Internet version of the white pages is the most up to date version currently available anywhere. We highly recommend you save it to your favorites as soon as you get there. Options for a basic search or an advanced search plus you can include surrounding local areas and states in your search if you choose.

Free people locator at the 411 White Pages site  411 White Pages
This is the second biggest white page listing available on the Internet after the main white pages listed above. Also a very good source for your people searches, consistently updated with the newest informational available.

Is a combination ancestor search and genealogy type of site. With over 1 billion records you can trace your family tree as far back as possible plus find birth, death, marriage, divorce and historic vital records from one search interface. They also can connect you to your family tree with cemetery listings, obituaries, burial and military records, surname histories, and more. Great for people at all levels - whether you're just starting out in your people search or you've been doing genealogy research for years.

  Who Me
Is a free reverse people finder web site where you can search for people or find out if someone is trying to find you. If you are curious who could be looking for you and whether one or more of them may have posted a note to you. They also have a search wizard and a power search function.

  United States Census Search
1790 to current US Federal Census, mortality schedules, slave schedules, merchant seamen and veteran's schedules

ICQ Free People Search and People Finder  ICQ People Search
ICQ is a personal communication tool that allows users to meet and interact through instant messaging services such as text, voice, video and VoIP as well as various entertainment and community products. If the person you're searching for is using ICQ you can search for them here.

  Zoom Info - Free Person Finder Lookup
Zoom Info is another top free people finder search that is based on a person's employment record. The Zoom Info people search engine and lookup has millions of people search records to search on.

  Family Safety - Free Sex Offender & Criminal Check
Sexual offender and criminal background checks can be really helpful and useful in a variety of situations. Many people conduct them nowadays, especially if YOU want to know who is living in your neighborhood for you and your family's own personal safety. To find a person's criminal report simply enter a first and last name. However, if it is a common name, please narrow down your search by adding a city and state. You can use different variations of a first name. On a search results page, you can narrow down your results even further by defining an age range.

  Wink - People Finder Lookup and Locator
Wink is a free people search site that allows you to search for a person from around 300 million people records pulled from top social networking web sites. People can search for a person by using the name search, location lookup, school search, work searches or personal interest lookups.

  Google Groups Reverse People Search
There are many thousands of people that belong to niche groups at Google. You can easily search for them through the Google groups search page.


  Google People Search via Google+
As a member of the Google+ (free to join) social network it's free for you to search (and research) people, groups, organizations and businesses fast and easy. If they're on Google+ and millions are then it's easy to find them and see what they're all about. also good is the fact that many of the Google+ pages list links to other related sites or blogs of theirs so.... follow the links to find out what you want to know!

  Roots Web People Finder
A large people finder and genealogy resource site. This particular page lists many resource links such as tracing a family tree, various search engines, archives, surname finders and a few nice reverse search tools.

  Yahoo People Search
Besides being one of the major search engines Yahoo also has a section devoted to locating people online and within their database.

  Alumni Net
If the person you are trying to locate is associated with a school or college located in the United States or Internationally then Alumni Net contains a large database of members associated with thousands of schools and colleges for you to search through.

  News Library Net
This is a very good service for locating information on someone you're trying to locate and also for locating information on yourself or you family members. It's best to have their first and last name to narrow down the number of newspaper stories that emerge from their extensive database. The service is completely free as long as you're OK with receiving the first paragraph or so of information about the person you're looking for. We do not recommend you pay for a full reprint of a story unless you are 10% sure it is what you're looking for. At the time of this post the price was $2.95 per full article.

  Social Search Wiki
With the popularity of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others there's a good chance that the person you are looking for is at one of the many social web sites out there. Social search allows you to search these sites, place all your social network sites pages into one cool interface so you can access them from one page, or you can review, rate and even earn from checking out other peoples social pages. Requires registration and creation of an account but is otherwise 100% free to join with full system access and no restrictions.

  Canadian Census Search
This fifth census of Canada covers the nine provinces and two territories of Canada as of 1911: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, the Yukon Territory, and the Northwest Territories. The census provides many details about individuals and families including: name, gender, age, birthplace, year of immigration, nationality, and origin. The names of those listed in the census are linked to actual images of the 1911 Census.

  US People Search
A free general USA search.  You'll need to know as a minimum their first and last name. Your results will include the city they live in, family in the same house or living in the area and their age. Other information such as their phone number and actual address is available, however it is not free.
You can complete additional research for their phone number and address through our reverse lookup search or Google Glasses sections.

  Intelius - People Search Services
This is free as long as you only want limited information such as possible states the person you're searching for lives in, the city, their age and their potential relatives. It's not free if you want the extensive report which covers other things such as: Criminal check, bankruptcies, address history, alias names, sex offender check, small claims & judgments, home value and other information.

Social media is a great way to find people, these are the most popular social media search websites.   Social media or social network web sites are a hot item these days, you might already belong to one or more already. You can complete people searches at many of these social media sites and we've listed some of the more popular ones here that have actual member search pages available for your use free:

  Spokeo Social Compiler

  Facebook Find Friends

  Search My Space

  Twitter Search

  Plaxo Pulse

  Naymz Professionals

  Linked In Search

  Social Search Wiki

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Web Sites of Interest:
Megan's Law Sex Offender List  Megan's Law Sex Offender List
Megan's Law requires that sex offenders register where they live. The Megan's Law nationwide database of nearly 500,000 registered sex offender records can be searched instantly. Search results contain detailed information about offenders in your area: names, aliases, photos, home addresses, and offense details. The Megan's Law's state-of-the-art mapping system provides detailed, high-resolution maps of all registered offenders in the area of your search.
  Net Detective
Search 3.1 billion records and counting. Information on over 90% of the residents in the U.S. Instant access, no download required. You can check criminal records, uncover your own family history, find birth, death, social security, adoption and DMV records. Also locate unlisted phone numbers, email addresses or review information on yourself and protect against identity theft. (not free, but might be worth it to you).


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