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Insiders guide to the Internet and Webmaster resources.   Internet data, web site and server information and research links.

If you've ever wondered hmmm... who really owns that cool web site,  how many visitors do they receive each day, when was that web site "born" and what did it look like 5 years ago? How about how many users are there really in Zimbabwe, Well, we hope to point you in the right direction for all those answers and many more!

If you want to find out if you are owed any unclaimed money or unclaimed property we've provided for you free... many unclaimed money and unclaimed property resource links for you below. They include all United States "State" government sponsored web site links plus links to sites for Puerto Rico, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and many other countries.

Review other web site traffic and engagement metrics, identify sites for your affiliate and SEO link building plus analyze competitors keywords and search strategies. You can also view visitor and referral demographics, monthly and daily traffic plus many other great to know web site hits and visitor information. Check out your own blog or web site statistics, or even check a friends or competitors web site free.

  Domain Dossier
Investigate domains and IP addresses. Find out information such as the Domain WhoIs record, DNS records trace route, network WhoIs record, and service scan all from one page. Note: Many web sites (to include ourselves, sorry) incorporate privacy settings in the domain WhoIs listing to reduce spam so you might not always be able to see who owns and/or manages a particular web site.

  American Registry for Internet Numbers
Besides the standard WhoIs search as above, you can also conduct other WhoIs searches such as: AfriNIC WhoIs, APNIC WhoIs, LACNIC WhoIs, RIPE WhoIs, InterNIC WhoIs, and DoDNIC WhoIs. Links for these particular searches are listed in the left navigation bar of the web site.

  The Way Back Machine
If you've ever wanted to see what a web site looked like many years ago, the Way Back Machine will show you that. After clicking the link above, enter the URL of the web site you want to check in the top center area and click on "Take Me Back". Here are a few entertaining Way Back Machine example searches for your entertainment:

Yahoo - October 17, 1996

You Tube - April 28, 2005 Ebay - December 1, 1998

A favorite Way Back Machine Search: Google - December 2, 1998  (The Beta)


  About Us
They are creating a guide to all websites by allowing webmasters and visitors to input information about web sites they've visited. You can connect your business and interests with others, search for websites, companies, or organizations, or share constructive information. A great way to locate additional information about a web site.

  Quant Cast
They are is a web activity measurement service that enables advertisers to view audience reports for millions of sites and services to build their brands. The free service empowers publishers to demonstrate the unique value of their audiences by tagging their websites, videos, widgets and games for direct measurement. Enter a URL to get a better fell for a web sites traffic, demographics, lifestyle and more.

  Built With
They are a website analysis tool, providing technical analysis and SEO optimization information to further your website's marketing, sales and navigation effectiveness. Some of the information that will be gleaned from the web site you're checking include: server information, analytics and tracking, widgets, advertising, document Information, cascading style sheets (CSS) and if any JavaScript is being used there.

  Site Tiki
EIt's a free place for website owners to have a free website listing. No longer do search engine and business listing websites simply give website owners the benefit of a free listing, which enhances and increases the likelihood of driving traffic to their website. You can add your web site or research many other web sites that have been listed.

  URL Trends
Allows webmasters, search engine optimizers, domain buyers and others to determine a websites (or a specific pages) rankings in the various search engines and directories. You can also view link popularity stretched out over a period of time instead of just for one day as many link popularity checkers do. Their trend report allows you to view linking trends for eight different search engines; Google, Alexa, Yahoo!, MSN, AllTheWeb, Alta Vista, Teoma and IceRocket, as well as the Google PageRank and Alexa Rank.

  Market Leap
Market Leap has three main areas for your use. Link popularity - is one of the best ways to measure a website's online awareness and overall visibility. Search Engine Saturation - is the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for a website domain. Keyword Verification - checks to see if a site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword.

Locate You (or your families) Unclaimed Money Online:

There is roughly $34 billion dollars out there that is left unclaimed by people unaware they have money owed to them. The sources of this money is wide and varied and includes: dormant bank accounts, undistributed wages, closed credit unions, life insurance policies, stocks & bonds, safe deposit box contents, mutual fund accounts and un-cashed checks or dividends. So how do you go about finding this money? With a little investment of your time that's how.

The resources sites listed below will help you locate money that's owed to you. They are 100% FREE... unlike some sites out there where you are sucked into paying for access to a list of state web site links or for assistance in locating your money! Here at People Ferret we've tracked down these unclaimed money resource sites and have listed them for you - have fun, enjoy and we hope you profit from them!

You can also go directly to individual state unclaimed property resource link listings further down on the page if you'd like.

  Missing Money
Input your last name (first name is optional) and your state of residency and click go, if there is an organization, insurance company or bank that owes you money they'll be listed. It's recommended you try other states that you've lived in. Not all states are listed however the states are updated over time so be sure to visit them again later and complete another search.

  Unclaimed Money
Similar to the above site except there is a map representation of the United States and you click on the state you want to search. You can also easily search British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec Canada from the buttons located just above the US map.

  Undeliverable U.S. Federal Tax refund checks
The Internal Revenue Service may have an undeliverable refund check that belongs to you or a member of your family.

  National Credit Union Administration
When a credit union with federal insurance is liquidated some items may remain unclaimed. Some checks are never cashed; or the credit union's address information was incomplete. At this site you can view a list (PDF) of the names of those that are owed money plus it includes the name of the credit union that was closed. If you're on the list you can fill out a form and file your claim to receive your money.

  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
A large "FDIC" resource website for you to search for any unclaimed insured deposits for any banking or financial institutions that were closed by a regulatory agency between Jan. 1, 1989 and June 28, 1993.

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. has a searchable database to determine whether you are owed any pension benefits. This would normally happen if your pension plan no longer exists because it was closed. You also can track down the benefits if you are a survivor of the person who should have been drawing the pension.

U.S. Federal Investments
The official government source for information on U.S. Savings Bonds and unclaimed U.S. Savings Bonds. This website for any Savings Bonds you or a family member might have purchased earlier but then forgot about.

Missing U.S. Federal Savings Bonds
You can learn what to do if your U.S. Savings Bonds have been lost, stolen or destroyed and how to have them re-issued again.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
If you had a HUD/FHA insured mortgage, you may have a refund on part of your insurance premium or a share of the earnings.

Veterans Administration Benefits
Search for potential unclaimed veterans benefits owed to you by the federal government. A very large resource site for veterans.

U.S. Railroad Retirement Board
here you can search for any unclaimed railroad retirement benefits

Swiss Bankers Association
Victims of the Holocaust or their heirs can make claims to the assets that were deposited in Swiss Banks during World War II.

Frozen Swiss Accounts Database Search Form
This website provides a notice of claim procedures for locating Swiss, Swedish, French, and British bank and insurance accounts.

Holocaust Claims Processing Office of the New York State Banking This office attempts to recover assets deposited in European banks, monies never paid in connection with insurance policies issued by European insurers and lost or looted art for victims of the Holocaust.

The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
Search for unpaid insurance claims or policies issued to the victims of the Holocaust. Information at this web site is available to you in 23 different languages.

Bank of Canada Unclaimed Money
Search for unclaimed bank accounts held by The Bank of Canada.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Search for unclaimed money and unclaimed property held by The Australian Commonwealth Government.

Unclaimed Money from France
Search for unclaimed monies held by banks in France. Information is available in the French language only.

New Zealand Unclaimed Monies
Search for unclaimed monies held by the Inland Revenue Department of New Zealand.

Swiss Bankers Association Unclaimed Money
Search for dormant accounts in the country of Switzerlan.

Listing of State Unclaimed Property Web Sites:
[ Back to State Public Records ]  [ Back to Unclaimed Money - Top ]
Alabama State Treasury

Alaska Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Program

Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Unit

Arkansas Great Treasure Hunt Unclaimed Property Division

California State Controller's Office Unclaimed Property Search

Colorado State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Connecticut Office of State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Delaware Bureau of Abandoned Property

District Of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer Unclaimed Property

Florida Department of Financial Services Bureau of Unclaimed Property

Georgia Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property

Hawaii Department of Budget and Finance Unclaimed Property

Idaho State Tax Commission Unclaimed Property

Illinois State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Indiana Attorney General's Office Unclaimed Property

Iowa The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt Unclaimed Property

Kansas Office of the Treasurer Unclaimed Property Search

Kentucky Kentucky State Treasury Unclaimed Property

Louisiana Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property

Maine State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Maryland Comptroller of Maryland Unclaimed Property

Massachusetts Department of State Treasurer Abandoned Property Division

Michigan Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property

Minnesota Department of Commerce Unclaimed Property

Missouri Office of State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division

Mississippi Treasury Department Unclaimed Property

Montana Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property

Nebraska State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Nevada State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

New Hampshire Treasury Abandoned Property Search

New Jersey Taxation Unclaimed Property Search

New Mexico State of New Mexico Unclaimed Property

New York Office of the State Comptroller Unclaimed Funds

North Carolina State Treasurer NC Cash

North Dakota State Land Unclaimed Property

Ohio Department of Commerce Unclaimed Funds Division

Oklahoma State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Fund

Oregon Department of State Lands Unclaimed Property

Pennsylvania Treasury Unclaimed Property

Rhode Island Office of the General Treasurer Unclaimed Property

South Carolina State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Program

South Dakota State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Tennessee Treasury Department Unclaimed Property

Texas State Comptroller Unclaimed Property

Utah State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division

Vermont Office of State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Virginia Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property

Washington Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property

West Virginia State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Wisconsin State Treasurer Unclaimed Property

Wyoming State Treasurer Office Unclaimed Property

*  *  *

Canada This site provides public information on Unclaimed Property in Canada.

Puerto Rico Commissioner of Finance Unclaimed Property

Quebec Curator of Public Unclaimed Property

Web Sites of Interest:
  Government Auctions, Foreclosures and Seized Property
They have state listings for auctions, foreclosures and property that has been seized by law enforcement or for other reasons. This site works best if you already know the locations of your state auctions since you can find out what is being auctioned, however to get the actual location from this site you'll need to register.

  I Web Tool Browser Check
Find out your IP address and hostname, your browser details (user-agent, cookies enabled, java enabled , JavaScript status, screen width and height, CPU class/type, screen color depth, window width and height) and browser headers.


  World Internet Usage Statistics
Find out what the current Internet usage and population statistics are for the world, broken down by country. You can click on each world region name for detailed regional usage information. Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the US Census Bureau . Internet usage information comes from data published by Nielsen//NetRatings, by the International Telecommunications Union, by local NIC, and other reliable sources.

Is an  online dictionary, encyclopedia and search engine for computer and Internet technology definitions. You can look up new technical terms, pronunciations, term of the day and more.

  The living Internet
If you ever wondered how the Internet started, who started it and how it evolved then this site will cover all that. It's a bit "clunky" with generic menu's, no flash, and little to no graphics but that's how it all started anyway so the experience journey will likely be an interesting and good one for you - enjoy!.

  Niche Bot Classic
Tracks keywords in use out there on the Internet so you can see exactly what people are searching for. A great site if you're a webmaster and want to get a better feel for what key words people out there are using so you can "fine tune" your web site to capture these visitors via the search engines.


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