Using Google to search for people you know - they call it Googling.

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How do you "Google" people?  It's easy, this is how...   Use Google to locate friends, family and people you know.

"Google Them" You likely have heard that term before but it's a little more then just going to the Google search engine and typing in somebody's name. We've listed some googling hints, tips and tricks that you can use to make googling someone easier and to help you narrow down your search and save yourself tons of time...

On this page you can "put on your Google glasses" and Google someone!

You may have already heard the term and have done it before. Googling is where you use the Google search engine to locate people. The person you're trying to locate information on could be listed at an online club, blog, forum, guestbook, sports listing, company newsletter or really anywhere.

In order for this to work correctly for you takes a little bit of search savvy plus some investigative skills on your part. You'll want as a minimum their first and last name, however any other information you have on them will be helpful and you'll be able to use that in a minute.

Let's get stated Googling someone...

1. Enter the name of the person you want to Google below and then click on "Search" to get your results.


2. On the results page that will open, sift through the entries that come up to find your specific person. The more common his or her name, the more results you will get. (These instructions will also be in the search results page for your reference).

3. If you have trouble finding information on the people you are Googling, try varying their names. Add or take away middle names and search for maiden names instead of married names. Adding a person's job title or hometown and state can also increase your results.

4. Put quotation marks around any or all of your search words guarantees that all of those words come up in the search results.

Examples: Instead of Allen Blackthorne, input "Allen Blackthorne" with the quotes. If you know he lives in San Antonio you can break it down further by typing in "Allen Blackthorne" San Antonio.

There many other terms you can use to reduce your hits and target in on the person you're looking for. Do you know their occupation, job, hobbies, email address, email signature line, sports played, colleges attended, nick name, street name, etc? Anything you know about them that will single them out will help you track them down that much easier.

Note: Keep in mind that if a person has never had his or her name in print, been active online, posted at a forum or commented in a blog (plus more) the chances of finding him or her in a Google search greatly decreases.


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