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There are literally ten's of thousands of government web sites out there so there's no possible way to list them all here for you. We have however searched for and then listed for you the most referenced, most used, and the most interesting government web sites available on the Internet.


  Benefits and Grants
Money, funding, financial aid, loans, welfare, college loans, children, food stamps, adoption, child care, student loans, disability resources, laid-off worker assistance
employment and training assistance, federal retiree benefits, government jobs
home mortgage assistance, home rental assistance, legal assistance, low income assistance, Medicaid, Medicare, school lunch, social security, vaccines, runaways...

  Consumer Guides
Identity theft, fraud, scams, recalls, credit reports, spam, complaints, spoofs, debt, automobile recalls, bankruptcy, better business bureaus, free credit reports, government sales and auctions, home safety,  Internet fraud, moving tips, spy ware, unsolicited postal mail, workplace safety policies (OSHA)...

  International Affairs
Trade information, International organizations, foreign embassies, visas, green cards, humanitarian assistance, immigration reform, travel, passports, entry requirements, countries and regions, foreign country profiles, International news, International history, U.S. Customs, travel warnings & tips...

  Environment, Energy and Agriculture
Weather, farms, solar, gas, electricity, recycling, going green, natural resources,
electricity, hybrid cars, gas prices, fuel, petroleum and natural gas, ethanol, solar energy, alternative energy, nuclear, forests, water, fisheries, pesticides, plants, animals, preservation, drought, global warming, storms, weather, food, soil...

  Family Home and Community
Housing, community resources, human services, planning and development, child care, genealogy, volunteer opportunities, elections & voting, education, vital records, home ownership, renting, homelessness, moving, community development...

  Federal and State Unclaimed Money and Personal Property
Bank failures, credit union unclaimed shares, damaged money, economic stimulus payments not yet claimed, investors claims funds", class actions, SEC enforcement cases, government benefits, HUD/FHA mortgage insurance refunds, pension funds from former employers, savings bonds calculator, savings bonds interest, savings bonds recovery, destroyed bonds, unclaimed state property, tax refund status, tax violations and Whistleblower rewards, undelivered tax refunds, check your refund...

  Government Auctions and Sales (State & Federal)
All web site links collected are official ".gov" sites. New, seized, and surplus merchandise and real estate available for purchase from the government. Some items sold online by auction or fixed price. Others available by public auction, sealed bid, or through a Realtor. Cars, trucks, real estate, houses, buildings, land, computers, furniture, tools, and even wild horses. Many other items from the Department of Defense, General Services Administration, Housing and Urban Development, Interior Department, DEA, ATF, IRS, NASA, National Highway Traffic Safety Salvage, National Park Surplus, SBA property, U.S. Customs and U.S. Border Patrol property auctions...

  Government Photo's, Multimedia and Virtual Tours
A large collection of links to government graphics, photos, and images. State and Federal photo collections.
Photo galleries include: Agricultural, topography, volcano observatory,  earth as art, Grand Canyon National Park, NASA, National Human Genome Research Institute, library of medicine, Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Park Service, National Science Foundation. Video and virtual tours include: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Mint, White House and Presidential History, Yellowstone National Park, Apollo 11 (first moon landing), Apollo 15 moon landing, biomedical imaging, DEA, food safety, farming, EPA, historic public buildings, life in space, mars exploration, nuclear weapons tests, pandemic Flu, public service announcements, product safety, satellite reconnaissance, Saturn exploration, south pole exploration, space shuttle missions, Thomas Edison movie archives, U.S. Courts video archive, White House video tours...

  History, Arts and Culture
Museums, architecture, libraries, genealogy, music web sites, ethnic traditions, family history, Smithsonian Institute, Federal and National libraries, historic places, National Endowment for the Arts, culture, preservation, military history, online library databases, historical museums, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Local libraries, cultural resource links, art history...

  Employment, Jobs and Education
Jobs, career, workplace, labor, school, primary, secondary and higher education, students, teachers, vocational training, medical leave, minimum wage, volunteer your time, job training, special education, financial aid, literacy resources, choosing a career, building a resume, applying for jobs, self employed, government jobs (state and federal), labor relations, workers compensation, workers safety...

  Military Personnel and Their Families
Active, retired and veteran military personnel and their families, civil war soldiers, veteran cemeteries, military News, recruitment, military academies, benefits and pay, health care, family support, travel, training, memorials, benefits, mobilization, family readiness, education, income, commissaries, family services, spouse support, relocation information, child care, personal finances, separation, retirement, statistics, base closure news...regulations, publications and forms...

  Money, Economy, Debt and Taxes
Counterfeit currency detection, currency exchange rates, economic research and data, key economic indicators, minimum wage by state, public debt, U.S. budget, bankruptcy courts, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), lottery results from state lotteries, national credit union administration, social security, U.S. Mint, SEC, pay off debt, student financial aid, home ownership, foreclosure resources, mortgage difficulties, refinancing your mortgage, money management, bank complaints, charities, manage Your money, saving and investing, unclaimed money, retirement and estate planning, gift taxes, retirement estimator, retirement plans...

  Public Safety, Courts and Law
Courts and Legislatures, Federal and state laws, crime, prisons, and corrections, prison locator, crime reports and statistics, FBI's most wanted, inmate locator, fugitives, and missing persons, disasters and emergencies, planning and preparedness, hurricanes, floods, fire, earthquakes, recovery, insurance, and disaster loans, homeland security, disaster help, cyber-alerts, preparedness, threat advisories, terrorism law enforcement agencies, Federal, state, and international criminal justice agencies and police, personal and public safety, missing children, sex offender registry, domestic violence...

  Reference, Forms and General Government
Abbreviations and acronyms, calendars, holidays, and important dates from different government agencies, local government officials and agencies, data and statistics, economic indicators, searchable databases, search government forms and applications by number, agency, or keyword, freedom of information act, privacy act, Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence, business laws, code of federal regulations, federal press releases, foreign news service, government e-mail newsletters, government printing office, educational resources, cross agency portals, federal agency publications...

  Science, Research and Technology
Biology, energy, forensic science, geology, space sciences, telecommunications, computers, cellular phones, broadband, satellite services, radio and television services, do not call lists, cyber security, science research, technology research, DOD, DOE, EPA, FCC, NASA, NIH, NIST, NOAA, USDA, USGS, technology references, databases, FAQs, RSS feeds, journals and reports...

  Travel, Preservation and Recreation
Air travel warnings, air travel security tips, real-time airport status, preparing to fly, airline status, airport screening, foreign travel advisories, citizens abroad, national parks, national Atlas, historic preservation, national register of historic places, historic landmarks, outdoor maps, the national zoo, museums, hobbies, leisure activities, gas prices, national scenic byways, visiting the United States, travel, study, work, learn about the United States of America...

  Voting, Rights and Elections
Contact elected officials such as the president, senators, representatives, governors, learn about elections and voting in the United States, educational materials, electoral college facts, elected officials, voting legislation and reform, registering to vote, absentee ballot, election assistance commission, state election offices, voter registration, voting rights, volunteering and contributing to the election process, become a poll worker, political activity by federal government employees, the Hatch act, campaign contributions; supporting federal candidates...

Web Sites of Interest - Government Related Web Sites for Kids:

  Department of the Interior Kids Pages
Many great links to various government kids pages throughout the Internet, plus learning and career information too.


  National Security Administration - Crypto Kids A nice flash site with plenty for kids to do as related to codes & ciphers, games puzzles and much more.




  50 States and Capitals
Basic information on each of the 50 states.


  The CIA Kids Page
Interesting information about the CIA for kids of all ages.




  Smokey the Bear
Fun and games with the famous fire fighting bear.


  Explore the States
Information on the fifty states from America's Library.




  Kids' Corner
Social and demographic statistics and quizzes from the Census Department. Many colorful graphs and good info.


  Whitehouse for Kids
Learn about the White House and the Presidency with Spotty, Barney, Ofelia, and India.




  Stately Knowledge
Information on each of the fifty states from the Internet Public Library.


  NCES - Dare to Compare
Kids can compare themselves to other students from the USA and from around the world.




  HHS Pages for Kids
Provides links to health related government sites for kids. Includes additional links to non-health related sites.


  Constitution of the United States
Includes biographies of the Founding Fathers and fascinating facts about the Constitution.




  Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents
Timeline of important historical documents in full text.


  Treasury's Page for Kids
Information on money, savings bonds, how to start a business, and taxes for your children or Grandkids.




  Adventures in the Learning Web
Links to information about the Earth such as plants, land, water, and maps. plenty of activities to keep them involved.


  American Memory
Search the historical collections from the Library of Congress and explore America's Story through America's Library




  USDA for Kids
Fun and games from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. All types of great activities for kids so they have fun learning.


  Quick Facts About States
Information on each of the fifty states from Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.




  FDA Kids
Information on food safety, vaccines, and pets to keep your kids healthy


  Indian Health Service Kids Place
Drug & violence prevention with McGruff the crime dog.




  Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Learning tools for K-12 students, parents, and teachers and a locator service to government sites for kids.


  NIH - Sciences Kids Fun Pages
Brainteasers, coloring pages, riddles, science project help, games and much more from the National Institute of Health




  BAM! Body and Mind
Youth magazine from the Center for Disease Control. It'll answer questions on health issues and recommend ways to make your body and mind healthier, stronger, & safer.


  FEMA for Kids
Information for children on natural disasters such as tornadoes. Includes stories from children who have been in a natural disaster in their past plus games for kids to play.




  Weather for Kids
Links to weather information for teachers and students and weather experiments


  NASA Kids
Fun activities relating to space exploration, the planet, solar system and more.




  USA for Kids
Subject access to links for Federal kids' sites along with some kids' sites from other organizations.


  For Kids Only (NASA's Earth Science page). Find out how air pressure affects you, how hurricanes work, and lots more about the earth.




  Welcome, Students!
Alphabetical list of sites designed for students


  U.S. Fire Administration Kids Page
Fire safety information for kids so they know how to be safe and what to do.



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