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People Ferret Free People Search Resources - About us

People Ferret came to be like many sites on the Internet, to fill a need of the information hungry Internet masses such as yourself.

My background is in aviation and investigative research. I spent 23 years working directly for the U.S. Federal Government and had the best time of my life! Every day was a challenge, some failures, many successes however once the smoke cleared and the body count was completed... I know I made a difference in the world during those years. I can't tell you what I did exactly or I'd have to kill you - just kidding.

As far as People Ferret, it started one day long ago while sifting through search engine results where many of the people finder type of web sites wanted some big money to give up the people search or reverse locator information (?), yes frustrating. After much more searching, digging and research it was apparent that there were many more "free" people search resources out there then originally thought and that's how People Ferret was born. We've completed all the digging and Internet research for you so you don't have to, then we categorized our web site research data and arranged it in an easy to access format. We finally called this "niche directory resource site" People Ferret and it's for your use free with no membership requirements and no required newsletter sign up - we don't even require that you give up your first born son.  

We'd only ask that you link to us from your web site or blog... or simply share this site with the people you know so they too can take advantage of our helpful one stop search and research resource site. Shoot everyone you know an email and get the word out there today - they'll thank you for it later! And of course we'd certainly appreciate you too.

And now the more serious "About Us" stuff.

People Ferret is one of the internet's top web sites for finding a person or locating information on people using free people search engines, free reverse locators or free public records searches and resource directories. The People Ferret web site is a directory for the best person finders, reverse locators, people locators, skip tracing and public records searches on the internet. You can search for then find and locate friends, family and even old classmates using our search engine resources for the internet's top free people search engine web sites including: White Pages, Spock, Zaba, Zoom Info plus use our Google Glasses to "Google" other people or use any of our hundreds of other listed search engines available - all for 100% free of course!

Use our free Google people search engine and Google people locator hints and tips to locate people faster and easier via Google. Check out our lists of social media site search pages or some of the best mobile people finder sites for doing reverse cell phone number searches, handheld devices lookups, and PDA searches. You can also access our free public records section (categorized by state for you) or our recently added (and huge) free government records database of web sites for even more free people locator information then you'll ever know what to do with. If you're looking for a particular business you can access many of the free yellow pages web sites out there on the web and if you're a webmaster you'll want to check out the interesting webmaster resources in our Internet data section.

We also list the webs best free reverse lookup searches for doing reverse address lookups, reverse phone number lookups and free reverse email lookups plus email address searches using many of the top reverse lookup sites listed in our big search engine list. Our popular people search resources include free inmate search sites, free death database lookups, free military locator sites and other free people related search engine sites. Everyone from a regular person to web research professionals can now find a person or lookup information for free through People Ferret. You will never (never) be charged to access anything here.

The internet has made finding people and information easier than ever before and every day it seems there are more and more free people search engines and people finder web sites springing up on the Internet. Our goal is to make it even easier for you by compiling those cream of the crop and great people finder resources in one place, here at People Ferret - 100% free for your use.NIA is a premier investigation organization, superior state-of-the-art, hi-tech equipment and computer database software - visit them today for your investigative needs!

Have fun, enjoy and good searching to you!


Richard & Your People Ferret Team

"Saying there's no dirt on you is a bold statement, challenging me to find out the dirt on you is downright dangerous"

Webmaster interview, how I got started

Sample search results that we did for people that were trying to locate a friend, family member or other person: Frank Lamark, Arthur Lucien, Kelli Spooner & Larry Clevenger

"Free is a Good Thing!

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