Have you been scammed by Frank Lamark on your RTA Kitchen Cabinets?
Frank Lamark Fraud, Frank Lamark Scam, Frank Lamark Complaints, Frank Lamark Research  You can go here first for assistance: Frank Lamark Fraud Research Page
You can also check out google for scams related to kitchen cabinets, fraud related RTA cabinets, or if you've been ripped off you can find what you need easily and free online. We hope you get your money back, however if you don't, then it's easy to get YOUR justice fast through the Illinois State Attorney. Simply fill out a complaint form and "they" will open an investigation and contact him to find out why he has not sent your cabinets or your requested refund, they will work for YOU to get your money back - easy! An example of what ends up happening when you're a fugitive from justice. (Law enforcement Frank Lamark arrest poster)
Wishing you the very best in getting what is due back to you, and we're proud that you're not taking it bent over. Nope, don't give up, you worked hard for that money and... this is America... You can contact the Illinois State Attorney if you like.

P.S. Click the 404 image above for more at the BBB or click here to the Frank Lamark complaints filed against him and his company at the BBB. When you get there you can file your complaint and get your refund, be sure to click on the button on the right side that looks just like this:

Frank Lamark  Complaints at the Chicago area BBB

If you end up on the "review" page, note how over a period of just a few days suddenly there were many "positive" reviews from alleged happy cutomers, many were very, well... glowing. This is what is commonly called... damage control. My opinion is that I believe the over hundred complaints before I believe that suspicious bucket full of happy customer reviews that all popped in there, but has not happened lately... hmmm.

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